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Phoenix: Fire & Flight Show

Phoenix: Fire & Flight Show

Watch a video of the show here:


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Bring some entertainment to your event and blow your guests away with a Stage Show! We have many different stage shows we can offer for your party! Magic Shows, Rock Shows, Motorcycle Shows, oh my! Each one is between 30 minutes and one hour and a half long and will amaze your audience! Or bring some of the best games shows directly to your event! Have your guests participate in rounds of Fabulous Feud, The Right Price, Fast Paced Trivia, and much more! Our murder mysteries shows are a great way to get your guests to work as a team to solve the mystery! It’s also a great opportunity for some guests to try acting! Our shows are an amazing addition to any party or event! We offer many different stage shows and stage performers. We offer stage shows for kids and adults. Our performers have performed with Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, with the Cincinnati pops, on cruise ships, in great American Ball park, with the Cincinnati Children’s Theater and many other places. Our shows are funny, they involve the audience and volunteers. We are professional, always clean, and always funny. Our job is to share our talents with your guests in a way that makes them smile.

Our thrilling Phoenix: Fire and Flight show features many different kinds of aerial acrobatics, our flying trapeze, and many fine performing acts, such as torch juggling, fire staff, fire hopping, etc. This hot, high-flying experience will keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

Watch a video of the show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD0ov9ak-cs



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March 31, 2015

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