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Inflatable Games

Inflatable games are great way to add to your event! Inflatable games are big and colorful. Many schools and churches who are afraid to have rides for liability reasons opt for having inflatable games instead. Most of our inflatable games are multi player so lots of people can enjoy! Inflatable games are fun and packages are available. Some of them do not require electric after they’re blown up so if you have a school with limited electric this can be a great option!

Hampster Soccer, Pony Hoppers, Inflatable Twister, Speed Pitch, Football Challenge, Soccer Challenge, Home Run Derby, Basketball Challenge

Giant Games

Giant Games have a very different feel than carnival games. Giant games are designed to be played as a family or among friends. Giant games are perfect for after proms, parties and company picnics.


Carnival Games

Carnival games will give your festival a classic feel. We offer all the carnival games, more than just what you see here. Ask about carnival game attendants and prizes to go with your event.


Picnic Games

We offer inflatable ride and game rental for kids and for adults! An obstacle course or a wrecking ball are great picks for your company picnic. We also have picnic games, on site grilling, concessions, music options, and all the rental items you may need. There are lots of ways to have a great picnic!


Parlor Games

Needing games for adults? Or for an inside event? How about some parlor games? Ping Pong, Pool, Air Hockey and lots more!



Take Aways, Give Aways, Photographs, and Crafts

Throwing a great event is really important, but so are the memories. There’s nothing like a keepsake from your event to bring back good feelings many years to come. In the event and entertainment industry we call these, “take aways” your guests will get something to cherish. Sometimes this is photo from a photo booth, sometimes it’s a balloon animal and sometimes is a wax hand that they made themselves.



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Inflatable rides are an important part of any event.  They are not the only part, we also offer games, crafts, entertainers, shows, and event logistics.  Please discuss your event with us.  We’re happy to help.

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