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Cincinnati Inflatables Corporate Entertainment

Our families are our support staff. Our children are the reason we work and the workers of tomorrow. What better way to motivate our team than to bring them all together. Company picnics, company parties and company outings are essential for team building. Uniting our team behind one goal and one strategy is often best accomplished with fun. Cincinnati Inflatables can help with all of your company picnic needs. Not only to do we rent all of the inflatables, games, sound support, and other event rental items you will need. We also provide the event personnel you’ll need. Contact us to help put together your event!

Company Picnics

Every company picnic is different.  Some invite the whole family, some just the spouses, and some just the staff.  Know who will be there and roughly their age group will guide your decisions.   Will your picnic start after lunch or first thing in the morning.  Would you like your staff to be divided into teams for a day of competitions, bonding, and collaboration?
We offer inflatable ride rental for kids, and for adults.  An obstacle course or a wrecking ball are great pics for your company picnic.  We also picnic games, on site grilling, concessions, music options, and all the rental items you may need.  There are lots of ways to have a great picnic with our corporate entertainment!
View our Games page and our Inflatables page for more great picnic ideas!

Picnic Games

Company Parties and Holiday Parties

Themed parties with fun activities are great ways to bring people together.  We offer many themes for company parties and lots of great games, corporate entertainment, and fun!  Some great company party themes are Holidays, Gangster, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Western, Circus, Carnival, and Spies.
Some companies ask us to provide casino nights, others ask for game shows, or sometimes just a disc jockey and activities.

Visit http://www.cincinnaticasinonight.com/ for more casino night information with us!

See more themes on our Theme page!

Casino Tables

Other Casino Games Activities and Decor

Aerial Arts

Other Corporate Entertainment

Stage Shows


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